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31 10.14

Whiskey Galore at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

Darren Brownlie will be appearing in Comar Mull Theatre’s production of ‘Whiskey Galore!’ at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow from 12th-15th November.

darren brownlieA night of riotous comedy from Mull Theatre based on Compton Mackenzie’s popular novel of a community of plucky Scottish islanders.  

Three frightfully nice BBC actors in evening dress gather in a 1940s BBC drama studio and attempt to recreate the hilarious story of the people of the Island of Todday using their skills, wit, ingenuity, 100 unlikely sound effects – and one very overworked and exasperated studio manager!

It’s WW2 and due to rationing, there is not a drop of whisky to be had. Then the SS Cabinet Minister runs aground and the crew has to abandon the cargo – 50,000 cases of the best quality export whisky!

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