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21 07.17

Traverse Festival 2017 – Locker Room Talk

Maureen Carr appears in Locker Room Talk when it returns for Traverse Festival 2017 on 21st August for two shows only at 2.45pm and 7pm.

Maureen Carr

Locker Room Talk is a provocative piece of event theatre. Inspired by Donald Trump’s leaked sexually aggressive comments, the show is a confronting exploration of the phenomenon the then presidential candidate later dismissed as ‘locker room banter’.

These comments are used as a creative catalyst, provoking and gathering hundreds of conversations with men and boys about women. These recordings are relayed via headphones and performed verbatim by a cast of women. A vital part of each performance is a post-show conversation, inviting the audience to examine the issues raised: Just how prevalent is this misogynistic language? And how much ownership of the current situation do we need to take before seeing change?

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