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11 10.17

Trainspotting 2017 @ The Citizens Theatre

Along with Martin McCormack, Gavin Jon Wright is back on stage at the Citizens Theatre for Trainspotting 2017 from 18 October – 11 November.










It’s back! After a sell-out run in 2016, Trainspotting returns to the Citz this autumn.

A coarse, intense and hilarious rollercoaster ride through the heroin-hinterlands of Thatcher-era Leith. 

In a world where work and opportunities are scarce Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie and Spud rail against the trappings of a successful lifestyle held out of their reach, and seek life through the point of a needle. Published in 1993, Irvine Welsh’s cult novel Trainspotting defined a generation and remains one of the most important, hard-hitting stories of our time.

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