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12 05.16

‘Thon Man Moliere’ at the Lyceum, Edinburgh

Nicola Roy will be appearing in Thon Man Moliere at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh from 20th May – 11th June. Nicola will be playing the role of Therese Du Parc.

nicola royWelcome to Paris at the time of Louis XIV. Come backstage and meet the King’s theatre company – a troupe of, grande dames, old hams, ingénue’s and of course, their leading man. Right at the centre, author of their dramas and cause of all their troubles – Thon man Molière. In constant threat of debtor’s prison, in big bother with church and state and – worst of all – disastrously in love with the wrong wife, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin de Molière writes brilliant comedies inspired by a desperate life. But telling the truth is a dangerous business and getting his latest drama on stage could be the death of him! 

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