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17 04.15

‘The Venetian Twins’ at The Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

Grant O’Rourke will be appearing in ‘The Venetian Twins’ at the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh from 24th April to the 16th May. Grant will be playing the roles of estranged twins Zanetto and Tonino.

Grant O'RourkeEstranged twins, Zanetto and Tonino are unlike each other in every way… except that they look exactly the same. When they both arrive in the same town on the same day each seeking a bride-to-be, romantic entanglements soon become hopelessly confused.

Before lunchtime, insults, threats, proposals, offers of duels and boxes of jewels have all ended up in the wrong hands… sorting it all out in time for the weddings is going to be murder!

Lyceum associate artist Tony Cownie’s fresh take on this riotous farce of confusion and calamity  brings a delightfully Scottish flavour to a dizzying, and inventive romantic comedy.

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