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29 04.15

‘The Tailor of Inverness’ takes New York by storm

Matthew Zajac’s production of ‘The Tailor of Inverness’ has taken New York by storm on its recent tour to the 59E59 Theaters, New York. The production was a complete sell out within a few days of ticket release and the additional dates sold out in only two hours. Matthew gives a stunning portrayal of his own father in this production in which he not only stars, but is also the writer. The production has been previously extremely well received on successful tours of Australia, Scotland, Sweden, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Ireland in addition to winning various awards.

Mathew ZajacThe Tailor of Inverness is a story of journeys, of how a boy who grew up on a farm in Galicia (Eastern Poland, now Western Ukraine) came to be a tailor in Inverness. His life spanned most of the 20th century. His story is not straightforward. He was taken prisoner by the Soviets in 1939 and forced to work east of the Urals, then freed in an amnesty after the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. He then joined the thousands of Poles who travelled to Tehran, then Egypt, to be integrated into the British Army, fighting in North Africa and Italy. He was then resettled in Britain in 1948, joining his brother in Glasgow. This is the story he told.

Recent reviews of the production in New York emphasise the great writing of the play as well as Matthew’s mesmerising performance. Please find just a few of these brilliant reviews below:

“Matthew Zajac, compellingly pieces together his father’s patchwork of truths and omissions, then methodically unravels it, in this taut odyssey that spans continents, decades, and even vaster zones of the heart still marked by war… Ben Harrison’s imaginatively muscular direction, which has Zajac jump-roping a garment rack and dancing the mazurka, better captures the confusion and vitality of the soldier who never returned home…. a suspenseful version of events and a powerful reminder that, contrary to another well-worn adage, when it comes to love and war, woefully, all is not fair.” Village Voice

“Daring, provocative, and intense…. a play that needs to be watched. You will take something from it, no matter where you are from or what your story…. there’s too much to like to miss it.” Manhattan with a Twist

“A must…Zajac is truly a visionary” Broadway World

“An ardent, deeply personal play…compelling, impassioned…a fine actor” New York Times

We extend our huge congratulations to Matthew on the roaring success of such a wonderful tour of an amazing production.