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01 04.15

‘The Straw Chair’, Borderline Theatre Scottish Tour

Selina Boyack will be appearing in Borderline Theatre’s production of ‘The Straw Chair’, written by Sue Glover. The tour will run from 30th March – 9th May. Selina will be playing the role of Lady Grange.

selina boyackBeautifully written by the award-winning author of Bondagers, The Straw Chair is a profound, powerful and playful story with Gaelic. Set in the early eighteenth century on the remote Scottish island of Hirta (St. Kilda) it explores liberty, marriage, female empowerment and life on the Hebrides in captivating fashion.

It’s a stormy start to marriage for 17-year-old Isabel and her minister husband Aneas, as they arrive on a 10 day boat journey from Edinburgh onto the island of St. Kilda to spread the gospel in the North. Amongst the inhabitants lives Lady Grange, based the true historical figure named Rachel Chiesley who was kidnapped and banished by her former husband James Erskine, Lord Grange, to various secluded Scottish islands after she successfully tried him for treason following their bitter divorce.

Lady Grange is desperate to return to civilisation and escape a life incarcerated with the heathen St. Kildans and her serving woman Oona. Isabel is appalled yet fascinated by Rachel, who tells the young bride unfamiliar stories of betrayal and abduction. While Isabel uncovers alarming similarities, battling between youthful exhilaration and the danger of being too troublesome a wife, Lady Grange clings with tragic dignity to the two things she has left in the world – a consuming rage and an old straw chair.

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