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28 09.19

The Stornoway Way tour with Matthew Zajac and Naomi Stirrat

With Matthew Zajac Directing and Naomi Stirrat as Roman Stornoway, this play is a must see. Touring Scotland from 3 – 30 October.

The play tells the story of Roman Stornoway, a struggling musician, and his best friend Eilidh.  Both are disaffected underachievers, who use alcohol to fuel and delay their dreams of escape from the island.  They eventually manage to make their way to the city, where Roman is smitten by the mysterious Hungarian student Eva. 

With a variety of voices from Lewis and a musical soundtrack featuring original and traditional songs in Gaelic and English, The Stornoway Way  is irreverent, witty and honest, a bittersweet theatrical romcom, twisted, squeezed out and hungover, a story about the search for the ideal, the desire for happiness and the struggle to come to terms with who you are, versus who you want to be.

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