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26 01.15

‘The Real Hoosewives – Fae Glesga!’ at the Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

Michele Gallagher and Tyler Collins will be returning in “The Real Hoosewives – far Glesga!’ at the Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow from 2nd – 14th February.

Michele GallagherTyler Collins








You’ve met the Housewives of Orange County, Beverly Hills and New York City – now it’s Glesga’s turn!

Barbara from Bearsden is the envy of all her friends – she’s Fit, Fabulous and worth a Fortune, all that’s missing is Fame!

When she finds out that an American TV Producer is coming to town to find “The Real Hoosewives fae Glesga’, she’s on the case.

Rounding up her four school friends, she’s determined they will be household names and manages to talk the producer into spending a week with them to see how the “Real Hoosewives” live. Barbara has them on their best behaviour to clinch the deal but the Producer has other ideas…. Soon the claws are out and the fur is flying as the “Real Glesga Hoosewives” show their true colours…

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