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21 04.19

The Mistress Contract @ The Tron with Lorraine McIntosh

Lorraine McIntosh at The Tron Theatre in The Mistress Contract from 1st to 11th May.


‘I consider myself a feminist. I consider myself equal to you but in sex we’re just not. So this way you pay me what I am owed. This is the price of admission to my intimacy.’

He provides her with a home and an income. In return, she agrees to give herself up as sexual property to him. Over the course of 30 years, a woman and a man document their experiment in living a relationship defined by an unconventional contract. Stimulating each other’s minds, bodies and appetites between blow jobs and breakfasts in bed, She and He debate body image, gender equality, generational divide and sex in later life. Inspired by the real-life couple behind the memoir, The Mistress Contract sets out to establish clear cut rules of engagement between the sexes in a complicated world of blurred lines and grey areas.

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