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19 05.16

The Little Town of Never Weary – Scottish Opera Tour

John Kielty and Frances Thorburn are appearing in Scottish Opera’s production of The Little Town of Never Weary which is touring schools in Kirkcudbright, Musselburgh, Falkirk, Aberdeen and Glenrothes from 26th May – 10th June.









Once upon a time, a bored little girl called Jessie built The Little White Town of Never Weary using cardboard and glue, a wee bit of magic and a lot of imagination. A hustling, bustling hive of a place; full of friendly faces, always ready to play, to make and to do.

But that was 100 years ago, and The Little White Town hasn’t had a visit for a very long time. Lonely and unloved, its magic is fading and the whole place is falling to bits! The vibrations from the old bell tower are making the buildings crumble and the townsfolk are in a terrible tizzy. It’s all up to Jessie’s great-great-granddaughter now… Can you help Jessie Junior, Gilbert, Dame Lucky, Sweetie Meg and Boofoo the Talking Cat save the town before the next hour strikes?

Inspired by the illustrated story by Glasgow Girl and artist, Jessie M King, this musical performance for 5 to 8 year olds encourages kids to think about the world around them and the buildings that they know and love. Packed full of fun and larger than life characters, this fabulous family show includes an interactive workshop where you can do your bit to help save The Little White Town!

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