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31 01.18

The Last Bordello – Helen McAlpine

Helen McAlpine takes to the stage with Fire Exit Co in The Last Bordello, opening at the Tron Theatre 10-17 February and then at The Traverse Theatre from 21-24 Feb.

helen mcalpine

Mitri is a sweet young terrorist who must lose his virginity tonight.

But will he even get out of the brothel alive?

There’s only one bordello left in the middle of a brutal warzone. It’s being bulldozed tomorrow morning. Inside, the atmosphere’s like an X-rated mad hatter’s tea party. The Madam refuses to serve Mitri unless he joins in the surreal parlour games the prostitutes are playing. Reckless with lust, he agrees. They immediately lock the doors…

Like the bastard child of Margaret Atwood and David Lynch, The Last Bordello is an ingeniously fiendish labyrinth that gets more puzzling and suspenseful with every wrong turn. An absurd, sensual and provocative parable about trust and truth, domination and devotion, fact and fiction.

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