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27 10.14

‘The Happiest Days of Brendan Smillie’s Life’ at Oran Mor

Cat Grozier will be appearing in ‘The Happiest Days of Brendan Smillie’s Life’ as part of A Play, a Pie and a Pint at Oran Mor from the 3rd-8th November.

Cat GrozierBrendan Smillie leads a quiet life, closely monitored by his protective older brother, Liam. But Brendan has a secret Liam knows nothing about – he’s getting married. He’s enlisted the help of wedding planner extraordinaire Jenny Jones to make his dream day come true. But what will happen when Liam finds out? And why is Brendan being so cagey about his bride’s identity? A tender, off beat comedy about life, love and llamas.


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