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20 09.13

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and JulietScott Fletcher will appear at Bard in the Botanics touring production of Romeo and Juliet. The tour will open at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow on 25th September and will close at East Kilbride Arts Centre on Friday 11th October.

Scott Fletcher

An ancient feud between the Capulets and Montagues rips apart the city of Verona. A young generation is blindly caught up in its violence and hatred, perpetuating a situation over which they have no control. When Romeo and Juliet, children of the two mortal enemies, meet and fall passionately in love, they set in motion a chain of events that will destroy not only themselves but many of their friends and companions.

This brand new production of Shakespeare’s most famous title retells this enduring story through the eyes of a younger generation betrayed by their elders and struggling to make sense of their emotions in a world they haven’t created.

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