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23 11.13



Johnny Austin will be appearing in The BFG at Dundee Rep Theatre from 28th November – 31st December.

Johnny  Austin

When Sophie spies a giant figure making his way along the road, she is spotted! Snatched! and soon begins her long journey to Giant Country. 

Luckily for Sophie, this giant is the Big Friendly Giant who doesn’t eat ‘human beans’ – just foul tasting snozzcumbers, fizzy frobscottle, and conjures the loudest whizzpoppers you have ever heard! 

Soon the unlikely duo team up to save the world from the horrible child-eating giants from Giant Country assisted by the Army, the Airforce, and even the Queen! The pair hatch a plan to capture the giants so the BFG can once again, collect and distribute good dreams to children all over the world.

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