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07 02.18

The Belle’s Stratagem, John Kielty @ The Lyceum

John Kielty plays Saville in Belle’s Stratagem at the Lyceum, Edinburgh from 15th February – 10th March 2018.


“All I know is whatever we do – it must be twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily that’s not difficult.”

We find ourselves in Georgian Edinburgh where the elegant New Town is springing up all around, and the newly opened Assembly Rooms are the centre of social life and romantic intrigue. Despite being betrothed to him since birth, Letitia Hardy finds herself out of favour with the charming and arrogant Doricourt upon his return from Europe, as he declares that continental woman are so much more sophisticated than ‘dull Scottish lassies’.

Determined not to marry without love, Letitia formulates a hilarious plan to capture his attention: behave so badly that he calls off the wedding, and then seduce him in disguise! Meanwhile, Doricourt’s close friend Sir George, has a beautiful new wife, the country-born Lady Frances. Escaping his overprotective gaze for an afternoon, she draws the attention of the rake, Courtall, who vows to seduce her.

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