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25 05.15

‘Sunset Boulevard: The Lunchtime Cut’ at Oran Mor

Frances Thorburn will be appearing in ‘Sunset Boulevard: The Lunchtime Cut’ at Oran Mor, Glasgow from 1st-6th June. Frances will be playing the role of Betty.

francesA bitter comedy and a dark tragedy, the story centres on a wealthy, egotistical, faded star, Norma Desmond, desperate to ‘return to the millions of fans she deserted’, and young, down-on-his luck writer, Joe Gillis, who sees a opportunity to exploit the situation.

Sunset Boulevard: The Lunchtime Cut is both a savage indictment of the star system (and the monsters it creates) and a depiction of a writer’s impotence in Hollywood. Based on Billy Wilder’s classic film noir, Morag Fullarton’s adaption retains the dark comic heart of the original while turning it into a theatrical treat.

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