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20 07.17

Summer of ’69 @ The Pavilion Glasgow

Keith Warwick and Scott Fletcher appear in the Summer of ’69 at the Pavilion in Glasgow running from 8th-25th August 2017.

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It’s Skool Days “Back in the Summer of ’69“, when the tar used to melt between your toes and Pink Custard was all the rage in the Skool Dinners.
Best days of our lives!

Days of the Belt, The Skool Bully and Behind the Bike Shed!
Back to Man’s First Step on the Moon, Woodstock and when “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Hogan’s Heroes” were the Hits on TV… remember “Hawaii Five O” and the original Beverly Hillbillies?. 1969 also saw the Birth of the Internet.

We take you on a nostalgic trip back to the “Summer of ’69 Skool Leaving Dance“, where our class are getting forced to dance the night away to the sounds of Scottish music. Can this bunch of no hopers get rid of the teachers long enough to enjoy the music that they want…. The Fabulous Sounds of ’69.

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