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20 11.15

‘Sleeping Betty’ at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow

Darren Brownlie and Julie Wilson Nimmo will be appearing in ‘Sleeping Betty’ at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow from 27th November – 3rd January. Darren will be playing the role of Handsome Dan and Julie will be playing the role of Hamish Hamster.

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It’s Betty Drooper’s 16th birthday party and everyone who’s anyone will be there – her faithful companion Hamish the Hamster, her beautiful fairy godmother Flambonia Plunge and of course the pantosphere’s equivalent of Harry Styles, Handsome Dan, the Fanciest Dancer in All the Land.  But Fairly Evil the Evil Fairy hasn’t received an invite.  And she is pure ragin’!  Rumour has it she’s concocted a spell to put Betty to sleep for a hundred years (I mean, we all like a lie in but that’s taking it too far!).

Will Betty foil Fairly Evil’s dastardly plan?   Will she be dancin’ when Handsome Dan comes askin’?  And just who is that mysterious Ogre lurking about at the back of the party purvey?  

It’s all happening down at the Tron this Christmas, so get yourself a ticket to Betty Drooper’s party if it’s the last thing you do.

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