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05 02.15

‘Slab Boys’ at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

Scott Fletcher will be appearing in ‘Slab Boys’ at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow from 12th February – 14th March. The production will tour to the Kings Theatre, Edinburgh from 10th – 14th March. Scott will be playing the role of Hector.

Scott FletcherIn the technicolour confines of the slab room of A. F. Stobo & Co. Carpet Factory in Paisley, young boys have to grow up fast. Strutting adolescent double act Phil and Spanky are passing the time with an endless verbal tug o’ war and merciless ribbing of their workmates and boss. But even the distractions of the annual staff dance, the monthly pay packet or the unattainable Lucille can’t stop Phil from dreaming of becoming an artist.

John Byrne’s funny and poignant play paints a vivid picture of the tough, rebellious, working-class culture of 1950s industrial Scotland. The original creators revive this landmark theatre show for the stage in a major new production.

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