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12 01.15

‘Silent Witness: Falling Angels’ on BBC One

Andrew John Tait will be appearing in ‘Silent Witness: Falling Angels’ which will air on BBC One and BBC One Scotland on 12th and 13th January at 9pm. Andrew will be playing the role of Chrissie.

andrewNikki and Jack investigate a man run down and killed by a tube train. When a female vicar is then murdered after being followed on the underground, the team face the difficult prospect of building a case against her distraught husband. Nikki forms a bond with high-flying DI Luke Nelson, impressed by his intelligence and compassion. He asks her to help re-evaluate the details of his father’s murder when he was a child. When a young roofer is stalked and brutally killed on his journey home, Nelson and the Lyell team identify a suspect on the tube cameras who links the murders, and a full-scale manhunt is launched.

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