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18 03.19

Sienna Ogunyemi in the BBC’s drama The Victim

Sienna Ogunyemi joins the cast of the exciting new 2019 BBC drama – The Victim


In law, there is the accused and the victim. In life, it’s not that simple…

The Victim is a new four-part legal thriller created by Rob Williams (The Man In The High Castle) and told through the eyes of the plaintiff and the accused. Set within Scotland’s unique legal system, the show, an STV Production for BBC One, asks, who is really ‘the victim’?

Today the BBC issues a first look image of the three lead actors, Kelly Macdonald, James Harkness and John Hannah.

Kelly Macdonald plays Anna Dean, whose nine year old son was murdered fifteen years ago. She is accused of revealing her son’s killer’s new identity online and conspiring to have him murdered. Has the anger of a grieving mother turned her into a criminal too?

Hard working family man Craig Myers played by James Harkness is the victim of a vicious attack, after being identified online as a notorious child murderer. Is he simply the tragic victim of mistaken identity; or the dangerous killer he is suspected of being?

John Hannah plays DI Grover, an experienced detective investigating the attack on Craig and trying to discover who made the online accusation against him.

Opening on day one of a criminal trial in Edinburgh’s High Court, The Victim follows the legal proceedings, while also covering the events leading up to the trial. Craig and Anna are pitted against each other, but our sympathies will be divided. New potential suspects will be revealed and long-buried secrets are unearthed as the story builds to a final, devastating climax.

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