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02 02.15

Series 2 of ‘Katie Morag’ on CBBC and CBeebies

Gail Watson and Anna Hepburn will be appearing in Series 2 of ‘Katie Morag’ starting on February 1st on CBBC and CBeebies. Gail will be playing Katie’s mum and Anna will be playing Mrs Baxter.

gail watsonAnna Hepburn







Based on the much-loved series of books by Mairi Hedderwick, Katie Morag is a small red-headed girl who lives with her family on the remote and beautiful fictional Scottish island of Struay. Although she lives in a fairly unique setting, her adventures are full of experiences and feelings that all children can recognize and identify with. Her stories are full of jealousy, bravery and
rivalry – surrounded by an annoying little brother, busy shopkeeper parents, a perfectly perfect best friend and a couple of grandmothers who between them know everything about everything.

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