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04 08.15

‘Scarfed for Life’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Oran Mor, Glasgow

Maureen Carr and Steven Rae will be appearing in ‘Scarfed for Life’ with Citizens Learning at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on 15th, 16th and 20th August, Oran Mor, Glasgow on 20th August and the Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock on 21st August.

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To get away from the fitba frenzy the girls are getting pampered in a spa and the men are left in charge of the teenagers and the DIY… what could go wrong?

Funny, hard-hitting and thought provoking, Scarfed for Life is the story of two teenage outsiders caught in the crossfire of polite suburban prejudice and garden equipment.

Scarfed For Life was first created in 2011 when the Citizens Theatre worked with over 80 young people from four Glasgow schools to find out what sectarianism and prejudice means to young Glaswegians and their peers.

Scarfed for Life appears at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part of the Just Festival, a multi-national, multi-belief festival focused on creating conversation and cultural exchange and plays dates at Òran Mór, Glasgow and Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock .

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