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27 06.16

Rumplestill-skint at Oran Mor

George Drennan will be appearing in Oran Mor’s summer panto. Rumplestill-skint, as part of a Play, a Pie and a Pint from 4th-23rd July.

george drennan

There’s a miller, he’s skint. Of course he is, he’s a miller.
His daughter is beautiful. Of course she is, it’s a panto.
One day, the miller farms his daughter off to a handsome prince on the promise that she can spin straw into gold. Needless to say, she can’t. She’s never even seen a spinning wheel in her puff.
However, suddenly, by a fabulous Coup de Theatre, a funny wee man turns up from nowhere and, in another Coup de Theatre he spins the straw into gold. How convenient!
Anyway, you know the rest.
Except, how do Donald Trumpet and Boris Johnstone fit into it all? And what’s a coup de Theatre? Come on- you’re a Westender! Surely you say it all the time. (Plus, we’ll wander so far from the story to wedge our gags in that it doesn’t really matter if you know the story or not.)

Come and join us for the singing, dancing and silliness of the Oran Mor Summer Panto!
Now, what’s that wee guy’s name again?!

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