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15 07.14

Random Accomplice: News Just In

Julie Wilson Nimmo and Gavin Jon Wright will be appearing in News Just In, a production by Random Accomplice at the Arches in Glasgow from 22nd July – 2nd August.

julienimmoGavin John Wright








A fast paced, raucous newsroom spoof, featuring a daily roundup of all things Glasgow 2014 – LIVE and BRAND NEW every night. A side-splittingly funny round up of the Commonwealth Games. Beaming live from the fictional ‘Tartan Tonight’ studio, hear all the day’s biggest stories from the most dysfunctional news team in Scotland.

Featuring six of Scotland’s hottest comedic talents, a team of award-winning writers, and a script finished only minutes before opening, anything can – and probably will – happen!

Follow the TV-tastic, tantalizing soap opera format fused with all your nightly satire, whilst hearing all the no holds barred news and gossip, from Tom Daley to Tom Foolery.

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