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27 11.18

Rachel Anne Keiller in Remember December @ The Tron

Rachel Anne Keiller stars in the Glasgow Tron’s Panto – Remember December for 3-6 year olds, daytime performances from 30 November – 31 December 2018.


Flora is forgetful, very, very forgetful. She forgets to brush her teeth before bed, to tidy her toys and the things her mum and dad said!

Flora looks in her pocket and what does she find?  Her letter to Santa all sealed and signed.  She’s forgotten to post it.  She didn’t remember!  What will happen on the 25th of December?

Join Flora on a snowy night. She’ll need your help to put things right.  Can she deliver her letter, so her name is not missed, from Santa Claus’s Christmas present list? 

A fun-filled festive adventure for 3-6 year olds and their adults.

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