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27 07.18

Rachael Keiller in Propeller @ The Pleasance Courtyard (Fringe)

Rachael Keiller stars in Propeller at the Pleasance Courtyard from 1st – 27th August as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

rachael anneSo you want to change the world? Really? You? You Instagram checking, avo-smashing, coconut-flat-white sipping loser? Yeah, the world sucks sometimes – OK, a lot. But you can’t do anything about it. Can you? This show says yes, yes you can. Maybe. If you ever feel frustrated about the way things are but don’t know what to do about it, this is the show for you. A devised piece about power and the possibility of change, directed by double Fringe First winner Caitlin Skinner and co-created by The Network Ensemble.

Propeller follows eight teens who are attempting to extend the railway back into their rather ran down town, Levenmouth, so they can get out of town and into Edinburgh. It features, hilarious comedy, brilliant physical theatre segments and a fantastic reimagining of a George Michael classic. 

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