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13 05.15

Rachael Anne Keiller in River City

Rachael Anne Keiller will be appearing in River City as traveller girl Josie Stewart on BBC One Scotland.

rachael anneA staunch traditionalist, teenager Josie is proud of her travelling heritage and very close to her community. Josie was born into the gypsy life. Although she had no siblings of her own, she was surrounded and protected by a community of families. Josie has a fractured relationship with her mother, Grace. Josie was a real daddy’s girl and struggled in the wake of his death. She resents Grace because she feels controlled by her mother who is unwilling to let her make the same mistakes she made. Josie is fiercely loyal to those she holds closest but a bit of a loner when it comes to the outside community. Perceptive and uncompromising in her beliefs, Josie is a born leader – just like her grandfather, Duncan. She has a way of galvanising people and making them respond to her. This is a girl with gumption.

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