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01 08.19

Paul Samson in Adam Smith – The Invisible Hand @ Panmure House (Fringe)

Paul Samson plays the lead role in Adam Smith – The Invisible Hand at Panmure House as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 9 August – 25th August.

paul samson

The play is following the journey that the great man himself took; first written and performed in Kirkcaldy, Adam Smith’s birthplace, it is now making its way to Edinburgh where the globally-renowned moral philosopher and economist spent the last years of his life.

Adam Smith is perhaps best known for his economic theories based on his famous book, ‘The Wealth of Nations’ which apparently Margaret Thatcher carried around in her handbag! But he was so much more than an economic scientist … he was a philosopher, a teacher and a man of letters.

The Invisible Hand tells the story of how Adam Smith reached this pinnacle of success, the famous people he met along the way and their influence on him. It also tells how his mother, a strong, resourceful, Kirkcaldy woman, tried to influence him away from what she perceived as being the destructive forces of opinion at home and abroad.

He came to the attention of ‘the authorities’ due to his involvement in the French Revolution, and the story of that involvement is told in the play. He was also a leader of the Scottish Enlightenment of the 18th Century, a movement that changed Scotland from a poor, backward and bigoted society to one that led the world in social philosophy, social change and religious freedom.

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