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11 04.18

Passing Places, John Kielty @ Dundee Rep & The Citizens

Along with Dundee Rep Ensemble, John Kielty brings Passing Places to the stage, starting at Dundee Rep from 17th April – 5th May and then at The Citizens in Glasgow from 8th – 12th May.


Passing Places is the story of small-town boys Alex and Brian, a Lada, a surfboard and a crate of Irn Bru. Desperate to leave their mundane lives and dead-end jobs in Motherwell behind them, they head out to find excitement and pleasure.

This hilarious and intense ‘road movie for the stage’ will take audiences on a wild ride through Scotland from Motherwell to the Highlands on a riotous journey of self-discovery brought vividly to life by the Dundee Rep Ensemble.

Passing Places is a high octane, fast-paced, contemporary Scottish comedy about the crazy, unpredictable escape of the urban doldrums.

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