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30 07.17

Part of the Picture @ The Pleasance

Nominated for an EDDIES AWARD this year at the Edinburgh Festival , Bletherbox’s ‘Part of the Picture’ stars Brian James O’Sullivan performing at the Pleasance Dome from 2 – 28 August at 12pm each day.

brian james

In 1987, a young Scottish artist spent a week on a North Sea oil platform, creating a series of paintings and prints that recorded the lives of those that worked there. A year later, that platform, Piper Alpha, was ripped apart in a series of explosions. 167 men lost their lives. Part of the Picture is not a straightforward account of this tragedy, but an exploration of art, memory and how the rest of the world understands the industrial world. Glasgow-based Bletherbox brings inventive physicality and live music to this personal perspective on public tragedy.

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