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31 07.15

‘Panto Science: The Periodic Fable’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Erin McCardie will be appearing in ‘Panto Science: The Periodic Fable’ at the Assembly Halls at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 6th-30th August. Erin will be playing the role of Wee Paul.

erin mccardiePanto Science: The Periodic Fable is an exciting new theatre production for young and old, packed with geeky gags to tickle the funny bone and test your grey matter.

As the story unfolds, discover the little-known science dimension of panto-land through live experiments, music and audience participation.

From astro-lyricists to zoo-lol-ogists, Panto Science will bring together scientists, actors, writers, comedians and performers for a truly collaborative project. By presenting research themes and scientific concepts in an unconventional, fun and innovative way, we hope to bring science to new audiences, challenge stereotypes and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Plus songs!

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