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25 11.16

Oran Mor: The Princess and the Pie, Christmas Panto

Oran Mor’s Play Pie and a Pint’s Christmas Panto is the Princess and the Pie starring George Drennan and Frances Thorburn. Running from the 28th November – 23rd December 2016.










When Queen Jockina McTatty of Scone emerges from obscurity to find a bride for her son and heir, Prince Angus, the whole of Weegie Land is thrown into a frenzy.

Only a real Princess will do, but how to sort out the Royal from the Chavs?  The ‘Pie Test’ of course! Only a true Royal can identify the secret ingredient. Which is fine, until Prince Angus falls for a Commoner… and Queen Jockina gets the hots for Baron Upper Crustia… aka ‘On-the Make Max

Òran Mór’s annual Christmas Panto for grown-up children has become a not to miss Festive Season comedy treat.

Boo, cheer and sing-along, Oh, yes you will!

Tickets will be available to buy on the door.

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