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25 06.14

Ophelia – Classic Cut at Oran Mor

F11455Alison Peebles will be appearing in Ophelia at Oran Mor as part of the Sol Summer Season of Classic Cuts. William Shakespeare’l Hamlet is rewritten by Alan McKendrick and directed by Stewart Laing from Untitled Projects. It runs daily from Monday 30th June to Saturday 5th July at 1pm.

In the greatest tragedy in the English language Hamlet has 1476 lines and Ophelia has 170.  Hamlet famously talks a lot and does nothing.  If we were unaware of Hamlet’s inner life, how would we perceive him?  This rewrite of Shakespeare redresses the balance of the original play through giving voice to Ophelia, who courageously and palpably commits to action.  Exploring her big decision – to be or not to be – Ophelia becomes the true protagonist of the great tragedy.

This is the first time Stewart has directed a play at Òran Mór, the first time he has directed (part of) a Shakespeare play and the first time he has directed a play by Alan McKendrick.

You can buy tickets here