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23 06.19

Nicholas Alban in ‘_ is where the heart is’

Nicholas Alban takes to the stage touring with Birds of Paradise Theatre Company in _ is where the heart is. Touring from 27th June, beginning in Glasgow, up to Shetland, Drumnadrochit, Lochgoilhead and finising in Wick on 23rd July.

‘_____ is where the heart is’ is a tale of displacement and identity that weaves stories from local audiences into its narrative to create a play that resonates with each community it visits. Participants will be invited to the ‘_____ is where the heart is’ pop up recording studio to record stories and memories of their home- the people who make it special, the local folklore and the moments that have gone down in local history. These stories will then be incorporated into the performance – each community will have a performance that is entirely unique to them. To register your interest  in programming a performance of the show please email

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____ is where the heart is