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17 09.15

National Theatre of Scotland: ‘To Begin’ in Forres and Wigtown

Frances Thorburn, Fletcher Mathers and John Kielty will be appearing in ‘To Begin’ with NTS in Forres on 26th September and Wigtown from 2nd-3rd October.

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For the past six months, the National Theatre of Scotland has been seeking out stories in Forres and Wigtown. 
Real-life stories. Stories about journeys. The physical, emotional and imaginary journeys that brought the people of this town to where they are today. 
Now, these incredible true tales of triumph, disaster and transformation have made the leap from page to stage, inspiring a magical new theatre adventure…
Follow the journey: #ToBegin
A National Theatre of Scotland production in association with Scottish Book Trust
Supported by Wigtown Book Festival and Findhorn Bay Arts

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