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02 08.15

‘My Name Is…’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Scottish Tour

Karen Bartke will be appearing in ‘My Name is…’ at Northern Stage at Summerhall as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 8th-30th August. The production will then embark on a Scottish tour. Karen will be playing the role of Suzy.

karen bartkeWhen Gaby disappeared from her Scottish home, it was assumed that her Pakistani father Farhan, had kidnapped her and the spiralling headlines were only momentarily silenced when it emerged that Gaby may have fled of her own accord, choosing to spend her life with her father in Pakistan. To her Scottish mother Suzy’s distress, Gaby declared, “my name is Ghazala” and turned her back on ‘Gaby’ and seemingly, the West. 

‘What an amazing experience. We still haven’t got our head around it. I am lost for words. When does that happen to me?’  
Louise Fairley (who the character ‘Suzy’ is based on)

‘It was like going back in time and looking at us all, it was so surreal’
Molly Campbell (who the character Gaby/Ghazala is based on)

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