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29 07.14

Mischief La Bas: Scone of Destiny Tour

Monica Brady is having enormous fun as part of the team currently playing to audiences outside all over Scotland.

monica bradyThe Scone, weighing in at 120lbs, is a mystical and wondrous object, promenaded shoulder-high through the towns and villages of Scotland by the renowned Women’s Guild of Bakers.
Dressed in traditional costumes representing the key ingredients of Sugar, Salt, Flour, Butter, Egg and Sultana, the Women’s’ Guild of Bakers perform short ritualistic dances and arcane baking sonnets to the delight of local townsfolk, a spontaneous and optimistic celebration in the heart of the community.

Local bakeries and pastry vendors are given special attention as the Guild promotes its sisterhood and the virtues of a well greased baking tray.

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