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27 06.14

Maw Goose – Summer Panto at Oran Mor

George Drennan will be appearing in the Summer Panto 2014 at Oran Mor from 7th-26th July.

george drennanOh what a stooshie for poor Maw Goosie. In these days of austerity she can’t afford the rent, she’s about to lose her job, she could go to jail because she’s filled in some Income Support form incorrectly, her husband is gone because he cannae cope and has mental health issues, the electricity is cut off… but just in the nick of time enter Priscilla, the goose that lays the bullion bombs. Is this just Maw Goosie’s good luck or is there a life and death struggle going on behind the scenes between the Demon King and the Good Fairy? Does everyone have a price and what happens when Maw Goosie enters the Spa of Eternal Youth? Dave Anderson and David MacLennan bring you another lunchtime Summer Panto to ask does everyone have to feather their own nests with goosedown or can we all live happily ever after?

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