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02 03.15

‘Lardo’ at The Old Red Lion Theatre, London

Zoe Hunter will be appearing in ‘Lardo’ at The Old Red Lion Theatre, London from 3rd-29th March. Zoe will be playing the role of Mary.

zoe hunterMorbidly obese, girlfriendless and abandoned by his best friend, Lardo is determined to join the glamorous bad boys of the Scottish wrestling scene, Tartan Wrestling Madness.  When his dream finally comes true Lardo swiftly becomes an overnight sensation, but the massive highs and crippling lows of being a professional wrestler soon threaten to overwhelm this unlikely hero.

As his real life descends into something reminiscent of a wrestling storyline, Lardo has to decide what his priorities are, who he can trust, and whether he can retain his love for the sport that made him great. And as always in professional wrestling, accounts must finally be settled in the ring…

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