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07 03.14

La Traviata

Gordon Brandie is appearing in the Welsh National Opera’s UK tour of La Traviata from 8th March – 12th April.

Gordon Brandie

Giorgio Germont has made a terrible mistake. Germont has realised that Violetta, the fallen woman he drove away from his son, Alfredo, was the best thing that will ever happen to his inexperienced boy. His realisation comes late in the day as Violetta’s health is getting worse. Can Germont repair the damage before it’s too late?

La traviata is an attack on hypocrisy. It is also a life-affirming celebration of the fact that essential human qualities like compassion, love and self-sacrifice do exist. Most of all, La traviata is a supreme tear-jerker. David McVicar’s masterful production makes sure that few leave the theatre with dry eyes.

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