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12 05.19

Kirsty Stuart and Fletcher Mathers in The Duchess [of Malfi]

Kirsty Stuart and Fletcher Mathers in The Duchess of Malfi at The Lyceum from 17 May – 8 June. Then touring at The Tramway (on behalf of The Citz) from 4 – 21 September.

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You should know: I sing at parties, I wear colourful dresses, I am headstrong, I won’t wear my hair up because you say I should, or do this because you prefer it, in fact I might do the other just to be contrary, but I am utterly and always myself.’

Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi is the most thrilling and chilling of the Jacobean revenge tragedies – an exploration of male rage and female resistance as two brothers try and control their sister, block her marriage and repress her agency with fatal results.

It was these themes of patriarchy versus female empowerment which convinced Zinnie Harris that the play is ripe for an adaptation which chimes with our contemporary concerns surrounding the abuse of male power.

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