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20 10.14

Kill Johnny Glendenning at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

After a successful run at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, Paul Samson is appearing in ‘Kill Johnny Glendenning’ at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow from 22nd October – 8th November. Paul Samson

Andrew MacPherson has many legitimate business interests: a security firm, taxis, a couple of Renfrewshire bus routes, several pubs and even a secret shareholding in Rangers.  Johnny ‘the bastard’ Glendenning is the self styled Tony Blair of Ulster loyalist gunmen. In a farmhouse far out in the wilds of Ayrshire they are on a deadly collision course.  Caught between them are a farmer, his mother, two thugs, a sleazy tabloid hack and some pigs with a taste for human flesh. Kill Johnny Glendenning is a murderous comedy of the Glasgow underworld, taking aim at the tabloid celebrity and macho glamour of the gangster life.

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