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22 11.18

Julie Wilson Nimmo & Darren Brownlie in Mammy Goose @ The Tron

The Tron Theatre presents Mammy Goose in this years’ Panto from 27 November 2018 – 6 January 2019










Mammy Goose always thought she was going to be somebody, though life hasn’t quite worked out like that.  

Her dreams of glittering Holyrood parties hob-knobbing with the Scottish elite like The Krankies and Sean Batty have gone down the pan.  The frying pan.

Her life is less Debbie McGhee more McGhee’s the Bakers.  She’s working her fingers to the bone in that wee cafe of hers with her only friend in the world is Lucy – a talking Goose (and you can imagine the stares in street walking arm-in-arm with a 6ft goose).  

And as for her son Jack, well his heid is in the clouds right now.  You see he’s in love, and considering leaving the family business.  

Mammy Goose’s life is a mess, until a mysterious stranger makes her an offer – the chance to be young again.  The chance to start over.  And all she has to do is trade in her pet goose…. 

Will Mammy Goose choose eternal youth over friendship and love (seems to have worked out okay for Kim Kardashian, hasn’t it)?  Will Jack and his new pal Will dare to climb that hill together and see what’s up there? Will Lucy the Goosey taste better with BBQ or plum sauce?  

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