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20 06.14

In My Father’s Words

Muireann Kelly and Lewis Howden will be appearing with Dundee Rep Ensemble in the world premiere of ‘In My Father’s Words’ from 19th June – 26th July. The production is touring throughout Scotland as part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme. ‘In My Father’s Words’ will be performed at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow from 19th-28th June before heading up to Dundee on July 1st. For all tour dates and to book tickets, please see the link below.

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In an old wooden house by the shore of Lake Ontario in Canada, Louis battles with his elderly father, Don, whose decline into dementia is gradually robbing him of the ability to speak.  Louis’ professional success as a university teacher of Classics belies an emotional inarticulacy which matches his father’s inability to express himself in words.

And then into their lives comes Flora, the carer that Louis employs to look after Don.  Flora is of Scottish heritage and a good listener, and she understands that the ‘nonsense’ which Don speaks is fragmented Gaelic, opening up an ocean of revelations and buried family history spanning the Atlantic.

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