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09 08.14

Horizontal Collaboration at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Astrid Azurdia, Selina Boyack, Nicole Cooper, Pauline Lockhart, John Macaulay and Matthew Zajac will be appearing in Fire Exit’s production of ‘Horizontal Collaboration’ at the Traverse Theatre as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival until 24th August.
Performed daily by new actors, always reading blind. Intense drama where sex, power and politics meet emotion, seduction and destruction. From multi award-winning writer/director David Leddy,‘leading theatrical innovator’ (Times), ‘Fringe institution’ (Independent), ‘genius’ (Scotsman). Four lamps, four laptops. Four UN lawyers present explosive transcripts from Judith K, an African warlord’s wife. After her husband’s assassination, Judith becomes leader. She takes her people on a treacherous path towards peace… or does she? Lawyers turn down lamps one by one, then laptops, until we’re left in darkness. Double-billed with downloaded drama City Of The Blind. Warning: sexual violence.
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