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15 11.17

Hopscotch take Aladdin to your school!

Blair Edgar is touring round schools this Christmas with Hopscotch Theatre Company starring in the popular panto Aladdin!


Tremble!  For Nastibadman is here! 

Nastibadman is the world’s sneakiest sorcerer, who will do anything to get his horrible hands on the wonderful, magical lamp!  

With all that perilous power at his command, who knows what badness might befall us all!

Only our hero Aladdin and his Mum, the feisty Felicity, can foil his fiendish plot.  But with Aladdin trapped in a cave and Felicity falling for Nastibadman’s greasiest, cheesiest chat, things could get awfully odd in the land of Arabia! 

Will Aladdin escape from the cave and save the day? 

Will Felicity finally find her fortune? 

A tale full of ingenious genies, superior Sultans, trunkloads of treasure and loads and loads of jokes!

Please visit the Hopscotch website for more information: