December 1918. A small town in Scotland, inside The Palace Picture House: Pathé newsreel footage of soldiers returning from France grounds to a halt as the projector packs in, freezing on the image of a wounded soldier, his face a mess of bandages. The manageress apologises and promises a penny off tickets for the Fatty Arbuckle film next week and closes up. The picture house is plunged into darkness, apart from the image on the screen.. the eerie silence is broken as a wounded soldier staggers through the screen and crawls into the darkness. 


Before the war Billy was a budding musician, playing along to silent movies in the Picture Houses of Glasgow, a job he loved. December 1918, he returns from France, blinded, scarred and stuck in a small town with no job prospects. As the action moves between the last few months of WW1 and the immediate aftermath, a strange encounter brings Billy the hope that he may not have played his last picture show. 

The Last Picture Show marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War. 

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