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19 04.19

Helen McAlpine in Lost at Sea – Horsecross Arts, Perth Theatre then touring

Helen McAlpine is in Lost at Sea starting at Perth Theatre from 25th April, then touring round Scotland until 24th May.

helen mcalpine

Inspired by the loss of her fisherman father, Morna Young’s personal tribute to the fishing communities of Scotland is the lyrical and powerfully evocative story of a North-East fishing family. Lost at Sea features the voices of fishermen and their families in their own words – with music, songs and Scots language.

A storm is brewing in a small fishing village. A young woman returns home, searching for answers about her father’s death. But as she begins to weave together the strands of her past, a mysterious force unravels family secrets. Lost at Sea journeys through a labyrinth of myth and memory in an epic tale spanning forty years of the fishing industry.

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